Service Network

Domestic Service:

  • Service Field:
    Covering all around China
  • Corresponding Speed:
    Respond quickly and actively
  • Regional Experts:
    Professional and authoritative

Overseas Service:

  • Service Field: Covering the fields of passenger vehicles,
    commercial vehicles and energy storage
  • Service Area:
    North America: United States
    South America: Brazil
    Europe: Germany , United Kingdom, Turkey
    Asian-Pacific: India, Singapore, Japan, Korea
    Africa: South Africa
    Australia: Australia
After-sales Service System
Purpose: Build a fast and great service system Strategy: Product Full Life Cycle Management Operation: Field service, Remote monitoring,
Safety system, Training system, Satisfaction management,
Quality improvement, Service marketing, Battery recycling
Support: Organization, System, Procedure, IT, Development,
Sales Tel0086 2787999776
Recruitment Tel0086 2784685177
AddressNO.1, Cornex Avenue, Linkong Economic Zone, Xiaogan, Hubei, China
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