Quality Oriented

Quality Management

In the principle of “being customer-oriented and exceeding customers’ expectations”, CORNEX has developed a full
product chain in EV battery cells, modules, pack systems and energy storage cells, plug-in boxes, Pack, batteries,
containers and other product series, striving to meet all customer needs and continuously upgrading and developing
better products.

Quality Assurance

CORNEX has passed IATF16949 and ISO9001 quality management system certification, and products have passed GB, UL, CB and other international certifications. CORNEX provides world-class solutions, products and services for new energy applications worldwide with scientific and stable quality management capabilities.

Quality Capacity

From stringent control of each process to intelligent manufacturing of each product, CORNEX has achieved comprehensive quality control throughout the entire process and ensured reliability over its entire lifecycle.

Quality Control
Full-process control of R&D quality control,
supply chain quality control, raw material
inspection, manufacturing process, outgoing
quality control, after-sales service and etc.
Testing Capability
CORNEX's laboratory is built to CNAS's
nationally recognized laboratory standards,
and has the ability to cover major standards
in the EV and ESS industries. And, we have
the ability to carry out comprehensive
inspection and testing of battery materials,
cells, battery systems and other aspects.
Measurement Management
Specialized metrology test rooms ensure the
effectiveness of measuring equipment during
the production and inspection process.
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