CORNEX won the “Energy Storage Technical Excellence Award”

2024-06-15 Page View:2976

On June 15, at the Top 10 Highlights Award ceremony of the SNEC 17th (2024) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition, CORNEX's energy storage battery solution, which exhibits exceptional ultra-long cycle life, was awarded the "Energy Storage Technical Excellence Award".  This is the second time CORNEX has won this honor after the "Submerge" battery safety system won this award last year.


The top ten highlights of SNEC2024 are selected as the exclusive awards of the conference, which aims to encourage advanced and original technologies and products. CORNEX's "5-year zero attenuation" long π314Ah ultra-long cycle life energy storage battery solution has executed a significant leap in battery life from 12,000 to 18,000 times. The solution's cell capacity, safety, storage, consistency, and other performance attributes remain exceptional, resulting in a matching photovoltaic equipment life of more than 20 years. The achievement consequently redefines the benchmark for battery life in energy storage.

Committed to innovative research and development, CORNEX aims to achieve significant breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies, develop more professional and valuable energy storage products and solutions, assist industry customers in achieving energy security and value creation, and promote the sustainable development of the new energy industry.


As a new energy innovative high-tech enterprise, CORNEX NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and services of energy storage batteries, EV batteries and energy management system, and is committed to providing the world-class solutions, products and services for new energy applications worldwide.

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