The Secretary of Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee Hu Jiuming and His Party Visited CORNEX Xiaogan Base

2023-02-16 Page View:7917


On February 16, Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Hu Jiuming, Deputy Secretary and Mayor Wu Qinghua investigated the construction of CORNEX Xiaogan lithium-ion battery project. They stressed comprehensively implementing the spirit of the Economic Work Conference of the Central, the Provincial and Municipal, promoting smooth operation of Phase I and advance start of Phase Ⅱ of CORNEX project, emphasizing “project is the king” oriented by faster process and celebrate the city's 30th anniversary with more outstanding achievement. CORNEX chairman Dai Deming and president Huang Feng accompanied the research.

Hu Jiuming and his delegation inspected the progress of project construction and inquired about the existing difficulties and problems. He emphasized in the meeting that CORNEX project is the largest industrial project in Xiaogan, which has attracted the attention of the main leaders of the CPC Municipal Committee and the municipal government and the people of the whole city. Since the signing of the project, the project has been vigorously and orderly promoted under the joint efforts of both government and enterprise. The construction scene is large and the speed is fast, which breaks the construction history of Xiaogan Project. The headquarters should reinforce organizational and leadership skills, implement the "double commander" system for project construction, strengthen overall planning and coordination, implement responsibilities at various levels, and provide solid support for project progress. All working parties and member units should take active actions to focus on program milestones, formulate schedules and use project operation charts to create conditions and gain time for project production. Enterprises should actively lock the market, strengthen analysis, research and judgment, orderly organization of construction, research and development, production and sales, and firmly catch the initiative of development. It is hoped that the government and enterprises can work together in a friendly manner to set a good example of win-win cooperation.


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