CORNEX NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Hubei Port Group Co., Ltd.

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The agreement is signed by the two parties

On February 14, Cornex New Energy Co., Ltd. and Hubei Port Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the Shenggang building. The two sides will carry out cooperation in such aspects as new energy ship, logistics cooperation, green ports and etc. Cornex New Energy Co., Ltd. board chairman Dai Deming, Hubei Port Group Co., Ltd. board chairman Tu Shanfeng and leaders of both sides witnessed the signing. Cornex New Energy Co., Ltd. president Huang Feng and Hubei Port Group Co., Ltd. vice-general manager Dong Zheng signed the agreement on behalf of both sides.


Cornex New Energy Co., Ltd. Board Chairman Dai Deming

Dai Deming mentioned that he hoped both sides would strengthen deep cooperation in the projects of "Electrified Yangtze River" new energy ships and green ports, seize the moment and expand new ideas. CORNEX will devotes all efforts to provide services and make contribute to the construction of "zero carbon" port area under the background of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.


Hubei Port Group Co., Ltd. Communist Party Secretary and Board Chairman Tu Shanfeng

Tu Shanfeng pointed out that the signing of strategic cooperation agreement is a concrete action to implement the important strategic plan of the Party Central Committee and Provincial Party committee, and protect the Yangtze River. We will complement each other's advantages to promote mutual benefit and win-win progress and in-depth cooperation.

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