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Awarded the certificate

On February 17, CORNEX UL1973 certificate awarding ceremony held in Suzhou UL Solutions. Yu Xiukun, Vice President and Global Consumer Electronics and Health care Division General Manager of UL Solutions, presented the certificate to CORNEX.


UL1973 is a safety standard for energy storage battery systems in North America, it covers many aspects of light electric rail and stationary batteries for energy storage applications. UL1973 is currently an internationally ecognized and widely accepted battery safety standard, and it is also an important basis for related products to enter regional markets such as North America. Australia and Southmerica. In this certification, UL Solutions conducted strict structural and component evaluation, testing and certification of CORNEX's products, and the test results proved that the company's products have world-class level performance interms of safety and reliable.


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CORNEX is committed to providing customers with high reliability and safety products.The "Submerge" BMS which independent research & development by CORNEX have been unanimously recognized and highly appraised by the industry. We will keep up with the development of the age,promote safety application of energy storage systems by using advanced battery techniques and accelerate the global green energy transition.

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