To Increase Customer Satisfaction
Whole-Hearted Service

Service Policy

CORNEX adheres to the rigorous and efficient service attitude to accompany customers
and is committed to creating higher business value for users, sincere achievements of customers.
Complete Certificates


The five-star certificate of national product after
sale service standard certification


The seven-star certificate of after-sale service system
perfection degree certification evaluation system

Serves You with Sincerity

After-sales engineers
and R&D engineers to provide
professional technical support
Professional service stations
cover the whole country
Regional supervision,
regional technical experts stationed
maintenance tracking service
Long warranty period to ensure product quality
intimate return visit make customers trust
Sales Tel0086 2787999776
Recruitment Tel0086 2784685177
AddressNO.1, Cornex Avenue, Linkong Economic Zone, Xiaogan, Hubei, China
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