The Vice Governor of Hubei Province Sheng Yuechun and His Party Visited CORNEX Xiaogan Base

2023-02-28 Page View:6686


On February 28th, the Vice Governor of Hubei Province Sheng Yuechun went to Xiaogan to investigate the “flying start” of the industrial economy. Also, have an in-depth knowledge of project construction, production and operation, scientific and technological innovation, and other situations in CORNEX lithium battery project. CORNEX chairman Dai Deming and president Huang Feng accompanied the research.


He stressed that we should lock in our destination and work hard at full capacity to win the “flying start” in the first quarter. Also, take innovation as the guide, strive to make core technological breakthroughs, solve the “bottleneck” problem, seize new racetracks, foster new growth drivers, and create new engines for high-quality economic development. The relevant departments of Hubei Province should strengthen factor guarantees, provide voluntary forward services, enhance communication and coordination, provide a strong guarantee for the production and operation of enterprises, and lay a foundation for the completion of annual goals and tasks.


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