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Certification ceremony

On February 9, the Certification Ceremony of CORNEX Marine Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery CERTIFICATE OF TYPE APPROVAL was held in Wuhan Jiangxia Base. The Vice President of China Classification Society Cai Yanxian, the Division Chief Jiang Botao, the Deputy General Manager of China Classification Society (CCS) Wuhan Branch and the Division Chief Jia Siqing jointly issued the certificate for CORNEX.


After the ceremony, China Classification Society leader party conducted in-depth discussion and exchange on battery safety technical issues with industry experts from Wuhan Changjiang Ship Design Institute, China State Shipbuilding 712 Research Institute, Wuhan Nanhua Industrial Equipments Engineering Co., LTD., CRRC Yangtze Co., LTD., CRRC Yangtze Co., Ltd Refrigeration Logistics Equipment Branch and Wuhan East Lake Laboratory. CORNEX introduced the self-developed "Submerge" battery safety system and related technical principles in detail to the participating experts, and was unanimously recognized and highly praised.


Discussion between two sides

Under the background of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, the domestic marine electrical automation market was growing rapidly with introduced policies of the Electrified Yangtze River strategy. CORNEX hopes to cooperate with participating units in electric ship field, provide customers with high-quality and high-level safety products, and contribute to the development of green ship industry.

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