CORNEX Hubei Province Intellectual Property Protection Workstation Award Ceremony Successfully Held

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On December 14, CORNEX Hubei Province Intellectual Property Protection Workstation was officially awarded and established.The two sides symposium views on promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of enterprises, giving full play to the role of a bridge and promoting synergy and cooperation.Cheng Hao, member of the party group and deputy director of Hubei Provincial Intellectual Property Office, and Huang Feng, president of CORNEX NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. attend the awarding ceremony.


Cheng Hao and his entourage visited Wuhan Jiangxia base cell number one factory and pilot line to learn more about product development and manufacturing technique and so on.Subsequently, Cheng Hao awarding ceremony for CORNEX Hubei intellectual property rights protection workstation.


Huang Feng, president of CORNEX NEW ENERGY CO., LTD.

Huang Feng expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of Cheng Hao and his party and a detailed introduction to the development plan of the three bases of CORNEX, he pointed out that CORNEX always puts the protection of intellectual property rights in an important position in the development of the company, the Intellectual Property Department has been specially established to independently develop intellectual property rights declaration and confirmation, process management, infringement risk analysis, intelligence monitoring etc, intellectual property management system of functional integration, in-depth focus on the transformation of results, protection of rights and risk control etc,making full use of intellectual property for company development active role.Up to now, CORNEX has submitted more than 1700 patents, officially accepted more than 1300, officially authorized more than 800, registered more than 330 domestic trademarks and more than 160 international trademarks, involving 62 countries around the world.

All along, CORNEX encouraging researchers to innovate and breakthrough, actively exploring the infinite possibilities of lithium-ion battery and battery system development, at the same time, take the initiative to avoid the risk of infringement and protect the company's business security.Establishment of CORNEX Hubei Intellectual Property Protection Workstation, it will conscientiously fulfill its responsibilities, give full play to its functions and help the protection of intellectual property rights to reach a new level.


Cheng Hao, member of the party group and deputy director of Hubei Provincial Intellectual Property Office

Cheng Hao highly affirmed the intellectual property protection work of CORNEX, he pointed out that CORNEX is one of the third batch of IPR protection workstations established within the province.In terms of intellectual property services, open "green channel", improve the quality and efficiency of approved patents for enterprises, stimulate enterprise innovation momentum, guiding enterprises to cultivate high-quality patents, enhancing regional development momentum.In scientific and technological achievements and intellectual property on transformation aspect,the Provincial Intellectual Property Office is working to improve measures,workstation Play an active role, carry forward the spirit of " Gold Medal Waiter ", Promote the quality of enterprises to create brand quality development.Exploring new areas intellectual property protection aspect, relying on the characteristics of CORNEX, really do the government and enterprise linkage, multi-party collaboration with the work pattern.In the future, they we will take advantage of Hubei's intellectual property policy, In-depth mining of enterprise intellectual property service needs and make good use of provincial and municipal joint expert resources, provide intellectual property rights value upgrade and intellectual property rights protection guidance services to enterprises.


CORNEX will adhere to technological innovation and continuously improve the level of intellectual property work, strengthen the quality of patents, vigorously promote brand building, and make greater contributions to economic development.

Zhou Xin, Director of Protection Coordination Department Hubei Provincial Intellectual Property Office, Wu Youjun, Third level researcher Protection Coordination Office, Zhou Limei, first class chief section officer Wuhan municipal market supervision administration, Zhu Jinsong, Jiangxia District Market Supervision Administration Section Chief, Jiang Zeheng, director of marketing and intellectual property department CORNEX, Hong Hui, the Minister of Intellectual Property, and other relevant officials attended this award ceremony.

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