Energy Storage Industry's First: CORNEX "Submerge" BMS Released

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On December 5th, CORNEX released the "Submerge" battery system which is the first battery safety system in the energy storage industry, and conducted the safety performance experiment of the system in CORNEX Wuhan Jiangxia R&D Manufacturing Base. Hubei Provincial Fire and Rescue Corps assigned relevant business personnel to conduct on-site observation and guidance. Cornex New Energy Co., Ltd. president Huang Feng, executive vice president Bu Xiangnan, vice president Du Yingying, vice president Zhu Xiaoping and relevant department heads attended the activity.

At present, the application of lithium batteries in the energy storage industry has increased by more than 10 times compared with 2020. Battery safety and cost of kilowatt-hour have been the focuses and sore points of the market. In recent years, there have been more than 30 fire and explosion accidents of energy storage systems both here and abroad. Safety has become the first factor Xof electric energy storage, which has promoted CORNEX to upgrade its products from many aspects, such as cell, PACK and system integration.


The "Submerge" battery system solution of CORNEX can solve the heat spread problem of the battery inside the PACK box effectively. This battery system is mainly used in standard 20-foot prefabricated compartments containing "Submerge" liquid cooling packs, liquid cooling systems, fire protection systems, and converging cabinets. The firefighting system no longer uses powder medium such as perfluoro, but liquid firefighting medium which can completely submerge the liquid-cooled PACK box with thermorunaway alarm within 3 minutes, and block the further reaction of the thermal runaway battery through fast cooling and local asphyxiation method, so that there will be no more heat spread between batteries and packs, to achieve accurate and rapid fire control which could restrain the continuous deterioration of thermal runaway and reduce the risk of runaway.




Under the efficient research and technology precipitation of the CORNEX R&D department, the performance and safety of energy storage products are comprehensively improved through technological innovation. As of December, CORNEX has won a large number of national patent technologies related to " Submerge " battery system which completed 24 patents, including 16 invention patents and 8 utility model patents. At the same time, the company worked out a variety of safety, efficient and economical battery solutions and upgraded energy storage safety based on the strong research team of CORNEX research institute.


CORNEX technical team and relevant business personnel of Hubei Fire and Rescue Corps conducted in-depth discussion and communication on the frequent traction and energy storage fire accidents at present, and agreed on three solutions to solve the battery system fire accidents: (1) Battery intrinsically safety which cannot be broken in a short time. (2) Battery system ejected from directional transmission after fires which will not cause damage to human life and surrounding property. (3) Prevent the electrochemical reaction of the battery inside the PACK box and no heat spread occurs, given enough time for Firefighting respond. Safety takes no chances, we need to implement safety responsibilities and check erroneous ideas at the outset to avoid major accidents. CORNEX “Submerge" battery system create a safe environment for the sustainable development of electrochemical energy storage and help achieve the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" as soon as possible.

In the future, CORNEX will adhere to the Innovation-driven business development and intelligent R&D promotes manufacturing side by side, to provide strong support for excellent quality and contribute to the rapid development of the global new energy industry.

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