Major technology upgrade! CORNEX made a stunning appearance at ESIE2024 with ultra-long cycle solutions

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On April 11, the 12th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo (ESIE2024) was grandly held at Shougang Exhibition & Convention Center in Beijing. CORNEX made a stunning appearance at the summit with ultra-long cycle life energy storage battery solutions and showed new breakthroughs in all-scenario energy storage solutions with new technologies and products.


Focusing on the theme of "developing new quality productive forces of energy storage, creating a new paradigm of energy transition", Xue Lixing, president of CORNEX Research Institute, delivered a speech on the theme of "ultra-long cycle life energy storage battery solutions" in the sub-forum of the conference, upgrading 18000 ultra-long cycle, 5-year zero attenuation long π314Ah energy storage solutions significantly, and sharing technological innovation experience with industry partners. ESIE2024 was jointly organized by China Energy Storage Alliance, China Energy Research Society and Chinese Academy of Sciences. CORNEX attracted many participants from both home and abroad to stop for consultation, engaged in thorough negotiations with leading energy storage enterprises, and reached a number of corporations.


At this exhibition, CORNEX released the ultra-long cycle life energy storage battery solutions significantly, which achieved a leap in cycle life from 12,000 to 18,000 times. The cycle life has been increased by 50%, and the performance of capacity, safety, storage, and other aspects are still excellent, stably supporting ultra long cycles, attracting the attention of a large number of domestic and international customers. The long π314Ah cell is able to achieve zero attenuation within 1800 cycles. The number of cycles exceeds 15,000 times ≥80%SOH, 18000 times ≥70%SOH, which matches the life of photovoltaic equipment for more than 20 years, and redefines the lifespan standard of energy storage batteries.


In terms of technological innovation, through the optimization and modification of the material system, the long π314Ah cell has achieved a breakthrough in high-temperature equivalence. The cycle life remains undiminished when the ambient temperature rises by 10℃. Regarding the evaluation data of battery cell material system, after 3 years of accumulation and precipitation, the R&D team has innovated through four major technological strategies, which contain lithium supplementation system modification, activation process optimization, electrolyte improvement and cathode material surface coating, to accurately control lithium supplementation for the cathode. In addition, CORNEX has continuously collaborated with the Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory in industry-academia-research cooperation focusing on lithium supplementation, enriched technological reserves ahead and developed advanced material systems. Currently, CORNEX has already filed 32 patents related to the lithium supplementation system.


At the exhibition, CORNEX released the 18,000 times ultra-long cycle life energy storage battery solutions with a strong presence, and became a hot topic of discussion at the ESIE. The exhibition booth was crowded and the audience was endless, which has shown unanimous recognition from customers. In the future, CORNEX will continue to adhere to independent research and development, technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing. Based on a comprehensive consideration of market and customer needs, CORNEX will continuously enhance the level of all-scenario solutions, bring the ultimate quality of energy storage products and solutions for global customers, promote the progress of new energy storage technology and industrial upgrading.


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