CORNEX Committee of Experts was Established in Wuhan

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On May 19, the unveiling ceremony of CORNEX Committee of Experts was held at CORNEX Wuhan Jiangxia Base. Dai Deming, chairman of CORNEX, Huang Feng, president of CORNEX, and other experts attended the ceremony. Huang Xuejie, professor of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lai Xiaokang, a senior expert of China Electric Power Research Institute, Mai Liqiang, chair Professor, Wuhan University of Technology, Hu Yongsheng, professor of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Xuelin, professor of China Three Gorges University, Zheng Hua, North China Electric Power University were invited as members of the expert committee and issued the letter of appointment. Huang Feng chaired the ceremony, and Bu Xiangnan, executive vice president of CORNEX, read the articles of committee of experts.


Dai Deming, chairman of CORNEX

At the establishment ceremony of the committee of experts, Dai Deming comprehensively introduced the development of CORNEX to the participating experts and representatives. He pointed out that innovation is the main theme of CORNEX's development. CORNEX gathers industry authority experts and strength, continues to carry out cutting-edge technology research and development, promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, helps CORNEX to iterate and upgrade technology, and constantly improves the company's competitive advantages.


Professor Huang Xuejie, director of CORNEX Committee of Experts

Professor Huang Xuejie, director of CORNEX Committee of Experts, made a statement as a representative. He said that CORNEX's growth rate and development trend are obvious to all industries, which is the result of the joint efforts of every CORNEX person. The experts’ committee will play an important role in scientific and technological innovation question-makers, questioners and examiners, improve CORNEX technology project planning, research and development, implementation, resource allocation and other capabilities, and help the high-quality development of the industry.


CORNEX Committee of Experts is an enterprise think tank set up for accelerating the construction of the company’s research and development system, promoting the level of scientific research, and integrating high and new technology resources. The members of the first experts’ committee are composed of several well-known experts and scholars who come from new energy battery materials, battery applications, energy storage technology, the electricity market and other new energy fields. They will conduct in-depth discussions and research on R&D of new energy batteries, application safety, technological innovation and other fields at regular intervals, providing technical support for the development and application of CORNEX's new energy battery technology. In addition, As CORNEX's research and development work continues to expand and deepen, the committee's membership will continue to expand.



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