CORNEX and Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Jointly Build CORNEX Innovation Research Institute

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On April 19, the unveiling ceremony of CORNEX Innovation Research Institute jointly established by CORNEX NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. (CORNEX) and Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SLAB) was held in CORNEX Jiangxia Base. The two sides reached strategic cooperation on joint technology development of new battery materials, academic exchanges, resource sharing, talent joint training and other aspects.


Dai Deming, chairman of CORNEX, and Huang Xuejie, deputy director of SLAB, leader of the lithium-ion battery materials team and doctoral supervisor, signed a formal agreement on behalf of both sides. The ceremony was witnessed by Huang Feng, president of CORNEX, Bu Xiangnan, executive vice president of CORNEX, Wang Wansheng, executive vice president of CORNEX Research Institute, Xue Lixing, president of CORNEX Advanced Technology Research Institute. Ma Xiaowei, project director of lithium-ion battery materials team of SLAB, Dr. Tian Mengyu, Dr. Jin Zhou, Dr. Zhan Yuanjie and other principal officials.


At the ceremony, Dai Deming pointed out that CORNEX Innovation Research Institute is the first co-construction unit of SLAB in central China. The innovation of new materials will become the main direction of cooperation between CORNEX and SLAB. The focus will be on the improvement of high-performance key materials and high energy density batteries, as well as positive electrode, silicon negative electrode, prelithiation materials, manufacturing process, and make technological breakthroughs in core areas such as fast charge, long cycle and solid state batteries. At the same time, he also highlighted the upcoming launch of a new generation of CORNEX self-developed energy storage cell, which has a 13% increase in energy density compared to the previous generation and is equipped with the industry’s original “Submerge” battery safety system.


As the main carrier of the national new energy industry, the technological progress and leading performance of lithium-ion battery directly determine the development of the national new energy industry. In terms of the EV battery, firstly, improving the energy density of the EV battery is the key to solving the range anxiety of consumers. It can extend the range while reducing the size and weight of the battery pack. Secondly, improving the safety performance of batteries to solve the safety anxiety of consumers. The safety of batteries has shifted from single safety to integrated and systematic safety. In the aspect of energy storage battery, cost and safety of power station are the main factors limiting energy storage development. Improving cycle life of battery is the most direct and effective means to reduce the cost of kilowatt-hour electricity in the whole life cycle. Also, from cell to energy storage system security is the key direction of energy storage industry development and innovation.


CORNEX and SLAB will achieve breakthroughs in the field of battery energy density, cycle life and safety technology, through the research and development innovation of material systems to break through the ceiling of lithium iron phosphate battery in energy density, which is also of great significance to greatly improve the battery cycle life and safety performance.


Huang Xuejie is full of confidence in the future development of CORNEX. He said that mastering materials, mastering the future. “Materials Science” of SLAB has entered the top 1% of ESI for the first time which marks that the level of the laboratory scientific research has entered the ranks of international high-level disciplines. At present, the laboratory has made breakthrough progress in the core technology of the third-generation EV battery ——high-voltage lithium nickel manganate material. We hope to focus on prospective layout and innovative development in the next step, and actively explore research and development and application of key and leading technologies.


The signing and unveiling ceremony, marked the two sides formally forming a long-term and comprehensive partnership to accelerate the innovation results transformation of Industry-University-Research, and establish a solid bridge to promote the new battery material technology breakthrough. In the future, we will strive to become the largest new energy private enterprise in Hubei Province by taking advantage of the strategic position and technological innovation advantages of CORNEX metropolitan area, and contributing to the construction of a trillion-level automobile industry cluster in Hubei Province.


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