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Cornex's headquarters is located in Wuhan, China, the registered capital is 4 billion yuan. The company promotes innovation of material structure, manufacturing technology and industrial system, focuses on electrochemical lithium-ion battery energy storage, electric vehicle, commercial vehicle, power grid and other commercial application field. Cornex is achieving the strategic goal of 'production, development and accumulation', establishing the advantages of industry leading, large-scale, low-cost and high-efficiency and the capability of the whole industrial chain, providing users with powerful solutions such as full scene and multi-dimensional lithium-ion battery products and energy management systems, and contributing to the rapid development of the global new energy industry.
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The above plans covers 5 years. The currency unit of the project investment is yuan.

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Cornex is adopting a vision of “Technological Innovation and Green Energy” for development, positioning intelligent manufacturing, expanding new energy industry chain of lithium-ion battery. Cornex’s business includes global ESS batteries and EV batteries, contributes to achieving the goals of " carbon peaking and neutrality " of China and transforming the development of the global green energy business.
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